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SimScale is an engineering simulation platform that is revolutionizing the way engineers, designers, scientists, and students design products. The SimScale platform is accessible completely via a standard web browser, with an easy-to- use interface which supports numerous simulation types including: solid mechanics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, acoustics, and particle analysis.

By harnessing the power of the cloud for simulation, SimScale eliminates the hurdles that accompany traditional simulation tools: high installation costs, licensing fees, deployment of high-performance computing hardware, and required updates and maintenance. Users always have the latest version of SimScale.

With the SimScale community, all users have free access to thousands of simulation projects. From beginners to advanced users, the community is a place for “crowdsourcing” simulation knowledge and collaboration. Individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises worldwide have introduced SimScale
into their workflow to virtually test and validate preliminary designs rather than using costly physical 

SimScale offers Community, Commercial, and Enterprise plans which can be customized to meet the needs of any user. Founded in 2012 in Munich, Germany, SimScale is comprised of a talented team of engineers, computer scientists, and mathematicians who are dedicated to making simulation technology accessible to everyone.

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